Why I Practice Law

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My name is Jennifer Stevens and like Brad, I’m a new associate with Page Law Office. I’m based in the Lillington office, but I am willing to travel a reasonable distance outside Harnett County to help my clients, including to Wake, Johnston, Wilson, Moore, and Lee Counties.

When I tell people I’m a lawyer, I get varied reactions, but one question is almost a constant: what made you decide to be a lawyer? That’s always been an easy question for me to answer and I think the answer provides a little insight as to why you should trust me to represent you. I decided that I wanted to be a lawyer when I was eleven years old. Few people know exactly what they are supposed to do from such a young age, but I knew that I was meant to be a lawyer.

When I was eleven years old, a very close friend of mine was a victim of violent physical abuse at the hands of her aunt and uncle. I knew what was happening and when I told one of my teachers, she said that she would tell someone about it. Eventually, my friend was removed from that home and placed in a foster home, but not before her aunt and uncle were able to inflict more physical and emotional damage on her. I felt so helpless knowing that there was nothing I could do to help her. I felt as though I didn’t have a voice. It was then that I promised myself that I did not want to feel that helpless again.

I believe that everyone deserves a voice and that voice deserves to be heard. That’s why I became a lawyer: to give a voice to those who need theirs to be heard. So many people attempt to handle major legal problems on their own or worse, they ignore them in hopes that they will go away in time. The bad news is that it is not that easy. The good news is that I and the rest of Page Law Office will be here when you need us.


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