The Value of a Free Consultation

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Free Consultation attorney lawyer sanford nc north carolina lee harnett county ed page law office brickcitylaw traffic DWI criminal small claimsMy office has always offered a free 30 minute consultation.  I don’t believe in charging a fee until you and I have an idea whether my services can be of assistance to you.  What value can you get out of a free consultation?

  • The opportunity to confidentially discuss your situation with qualified and experienced legal counsel.
  • An impartial assessment of your claims and defenses.
  • A clear explanation of the services I provide and the potential outcomes we might achieve for you.
  • A specific fee quote, so that you can assess whether it is worth it to you to retain counsel for your case.

Additionally, in many minor matters like small claims and traffic cases, if I can’t cost-effectively represent you, I may be able to give you sufficient guidance for you to represent yourself. 

I have had clients ask me why I would talk myself out of a potential fee like this.  There are two reasons. First, I would hate for a client to regret hiring me or feel like that were taken advantage of because they found out later that they could have easily handled a matter on their own.   Secondly, I want you to know that I’m giving you the best service that I can, and that it’s not just about the bottom line.  If I quote you a fee for my services, it’s because I honestly believe that I can provide a service that you cannot provide for yourself, or at least that I can provide a greater chance of success and reduced stress and inconvenience.

If you have a legal question, contact me today.


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