Court Dates

Even the best legal strategy designed by your attorney can fail if you are not in court and prepared to proceed on your assigned court date.

1.  Know Your Court Date.  If you’re not sure when your criminal or traffic matter is set for court, you can check here:  Court Date Search

2.  Be On Time.  This may actually require you to be 15 minutes early, or so, in order to find a parking space, make it through the line at the metal detector, and be in your seat at the roll call.

3.  Dress Appropriately.  Do you want a good outcome in your case?  Then dress like someone who deserves one.  If the DA thinks you look like a Charles Manson disciple or the drug kingpin they saw in the movies last week, they probably won’t feel real comfortable about going easy on you.  Think: Job interview or stuffy church clothes.  Jacket and tie for guys and nice dressy clothes for ladies.  No cut off shorts, tank tops, bare midriffs, or T-shirts with large print sayings.

4.  Behave In Court.  Don’t be out in the gallery smirking, cutting jokes, rolling your eyes… even before your case gets called the DA and the judge pay attention to what’s going on out in the courtroom.  We’d hate you to get treated like you need to get taught a lesson.

“HELP ME HELP YOU!” — Jerry McGuire


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